Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sermon Idea Number - 3 -

Suggested Titles:

What God wants.
Worship of God
God’s Sign


Exodus 3 – 4 (generally include all signs & wonders / plagues)

Passage Overview – some highlights:

After God calls Moses, God will give several signs to Moses to demonstrate or prove God’s purpose and power, but the first and foremost sign God proclaims is that people would come to worship him.

Important Specific Concepts:

Exodus 3:12 “This will be the sign . . . you will worship God”

Exodus 19 ff. they actually DO gather to worship God and they build the tabernacle where, according to Exodus 40:34, God literally lives in their midst.

God does not free the Israelites just so they can be “free” – as if freedom is the issue. They are freed from Pharaoh’s sovereignty in order that they might choose to submit to the benevolent and good sovereignty of God who provides a way out for them (Exodus 14-15), provides water and food for them (Exodus 15-17), provides justice for them (Exodus 19).

God’s call – his “sign” is a worshipping community.

Ideas for Illustrations:

Getting caught up in the “business” of some individual details in ministry that we forget it’s about worship of God.

A story of a person more caught up in selfish ambitions than worship of God.

Ideas for Wrapping Up - Response - Call:

Let’s become a people who Worship God.What things can we do to be more attentive to worship today – on Sunday and during the week?


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