Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sermon Idea Number - 4 -

Suggested Titles:

Standing Still
The Lord Himself will . . .


Exodus 13-14

Passage Overview – some highlights:

On their way out of Egypt, the Israelites are put in a tough position where they must trust God and hold true to their renewed allegiance – it takes courage and faith.

Important Specific Concepts:

The people come out “armed” but Moses instruction is not about gearing for war, but about trusting God.

In 13:18 we are told specifically that the people were “armed” or “prepared for battle.” In other words, they had weapons, the feared Pharaoh might track them down.

Ironically, when Pharaoh comes, the people don’t turn to their weapons, or their worship – they turn to weep and wail! (14:11 ff.) Moses command is to “not be afraid” to “stand firm” to “be still” to use a modern expression, to freeze. Why, because God would bring about a “mighty deliverance”

The Israelites don’t’ have to fight, battle, they only have to trust. (By the way, this same kind of trusting, allegiance to God in faith, is what is consistently and constantly expected of Israel – see Joshua 6, Judges 6 as sermon series to connect with this sermon.)

I love God’s reply in this passage, “Why are you crying to me? Move on . . .” God’s call to “keep on keeping on” as it were.

Why does God do this, to show that (14:18) so people will “know” God and give him “glory.”

Ideas for Illustrations:

“Have you ever tried to get all the preparations ready for some event (camping, church, vacation, event), only to find you didn’t need to because . . .”

Any illustration from a long/hard journey that “begins with the first step.”

Imagine the Ancient Chinese building the Great Wall . . . they had to just “move on” and start – if someone would have told them the huge task from the start, they may have never started!

Ideas for Wrapping Up - Response - Call:

Stand Still and trust that the same God of the Exodus is the same God who enters into your journey of faith, even when it is scary and you are afraid!


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