Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sermon Idea Number - 9 -

Suggested Titles:

How to listen to God.
Listening to God.
What God wants us to hear.


Deuteronomy 6

Passage Overview – some highlights:

This passages, beginning at verse 4 is as important to Jews as John 3:16 is to Christians. The passage is called “The Shema” because “Shema” is the Hebrew word for translated “hear” or “listen” at verse 4. The world can also be translated as “obey” and as such, it relates to the sermon ideas in this series for how we “pledge allegiance” to God by “obeying” – by listening to what he wants for us.

What God wants for us is, in many ways simple – though perhaps complex to live it all out. Space constraints here on this paper restrict me from the many ideas found in this passage, but they are pretty clear upon a close reading of the passage – highlights include:

Love God. Love God alone. Love only God.
Love with all your being – heart, mind, soul, strength.

Remember and do not forget God.
Recite – retell – talk about these things!
Create generations of people who listen in this way – tell your children!

Talk about them no matter what you’re doing – at home, not at home, standing, sitting, lying down!

Write these things down – put them around you – encircle all aspects of your life.
Make all the transitional places of your life opportunities to remember God in your midst.

Important Specific Concepts:

This passage is particularly important with regard to keeping allegiance with God. To stay true to God, we need continual conversation, recitation, worship!, of God.

Ideas for Illustrations:

Families (particularly husbands and wives) that grow apart because they don’t love each other exclusively and don’t talk to each other illustrate how easily we forget love/commitment if we are not intentional about it.

In Communist Russia or Saddam Hussein’s Iraq there were images of certain leaders in every major square. Do we have reminders of God around us?

A simple reminder to remember when you have a coin/dollar bill in your pocket to remember it’s reference to “In God We Trust” as a memory aid.

Ideas for Wrapping Up - Response - Call:

Encourage people to do “one thing” this week to better remember God in the way this text calls us to remember God – there are lots of options to choose from and an infinite number of ways to make our allegiance to God more deliberate in our daily lives.


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