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Southern Nazarene University - Sermon Ideas

SNU Sermon Planning Workshop
November 2006

The Following Ideas are intended to “prime the pump” for your thinking as you work through these Biblical Texts. Suggestions are just that, suggestions – tailor ideas to your unique choice, personal study and congregational needs.

Please be aware that these sermon ideas are not “complete.” There can “always” be more study or more illustrations.

Please be aware that there are many other great sermons and many other important theological passages found in this portion of Scripture. I encourage you to take some time to read the around these sermon ideas in their context and discover other ideas from God’s Word. Also, this format does not allow for detailed study of the many historical and cultural issues at work in these Biblical books so let me encourage you to use some of the excellent commentaries/resources available in published books.

Depending on how many of these sermons ideas you want to use – feel free to choose “mini-series” out of these ideas. Or, you could begin with sermon idea number one and move straight through the books in the Biblical and Chronological Order. (While many books in the Old Testament appear out of chronological order, these books are part of a unified history and are correctly arranged chronologically.)

Historical Time Period:
Exodus from Egypt (circa 1350 B.C.) to Conquest of Canaan (circa 1280 B.C.)

Biblical Books:
Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua

Some Sermon Mini-Series Suggested Titles:
Becoming God’s People
Allegiance to God
God’s Design for Nations
The Kind of People God Uses
Worship: Women and Warfare

God’s Grace and Peace to you and your congregations.

~ marty michelson
snu office: 405 . 491 . 6695


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glenn Newton ~ Marty I wanted to thank you for this resource, you don't know how much it helps and hopefully this will become something that can be done on a regular basis. Even though you may not get a whole lot of feedback, every pastor that uses this will be blessed.

Clarksville New Hope

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